Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Keeping Busy

Between the heat and life, I know I missed posting for a stretch, up until yesterday. I hadn't been knitting a lot, because the weather was cooled enough to turn off the air conditioning. But it was still too warm to stand a lap of wool. I am so ready for winter.

Progress is being made though, on both purple sweaters, as I mentioned yesterday. I need to count stitches right now on one to see how close I am to dividing off the sleeve stitches. Progress!

But the main reason for few posts was the fair. The good old dairy show was last Thursday.

I always get there in time for the last minute grooming, and of course the showing. So many families that I know and love had children out there leading their cattle.

Tiny ones making their first appearance in the show ring and old hands at showing.

And so serious.

Many with cute little Jersy cattle.

Others with big Holstein heifers.

They did great all through the dairy show.

I may have found time for a farmers muffin or two as well.


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