Monday, August 24, 2015

Busy, Busy

Well. I have been keeping myself occupied. Beans insist on being picked, but at least Hubby was picking too.

And it has been cooler finally, at least outside. It is tough to rationalize running the AC when it is 68 outside, even though inside the house the temperature hovers around 78, well above my comfort level. As a result it is difficult to spend much time working on the Gray Spiral Blankie. And then I feel almost guilty working on baby sweaters.

Still, work has been progressing there too. My road trip last week to the 9th annual "Help Christy Get Her Classroom Put Together Day" in Berrien Springs and St. Joe area gave me plenty of time for plain vanilla stockinette stitch. And it is my main project for away from home.

Later this week, for my Aunt Glenna's 93rd birthday, I am going with her and two cousins to visit another aunt, her baby sister, Joyce. Should be plenty of knitting time on the road then too.

And we can compare our different ways of working The Improved Allen Cousins' Method of Knitting.

Should be fun and educational.


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