Friday, August 28, 2015

Family Fun

This past week, as I mentioned on Facebook, my favorite aunt turned 93.  As a present, her daughter planned on taking her to visit her "baby" sister in a nursing home.  They invited another cousin and I to ride along, as well as notifying some of her children.
Here some of us were waiting in the hall to get in to see her. The feisty aunt is the one in blue.
We stopped for lunch on the way, and were surprised by the handsome young man on the right. I haven't seen this cousin in ages to talk to, other than at a funeral. He wanted to surprise us and go along to see our other aunt.  (As always, I try to avoid using proper names here in bloggerville.)   A great meal and visit with him.  I rode along with him the rest of the way, since we had four in our car and he was alone.  A great chance to catch up on family news.
The cousin on the left and I are rumored to share the title of favorite niece of the aforementioned feisty aunt.  It depends on who she is with at the
time as to who is the undisputed favorite.   For this road trip, we shared the title.
It sure was good to see my dad's baby sister.  I hadn't seen her since she became unable to attend what I called "dinner with the aunt," our once a month get together and gabfest, now more accurately referred to as dinner with cousins and aunt.  Anyone who wants to join us, reply to me for details.
One other cousin missed my camera, the daughter of this aunt, who also works there for another month or so, until she retires.
All in all, great family time and visit with cousins and aunts.

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