Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yes I Said Summer of Purple

I mentioned in aprevious post that this was going to be the summer of purple. What I didn't mention then was that my second stealth project was also purple.

Now that the wedding* is over (a beautiful love filled, if humid and toasty wedding) and, hopefully the present has been opened, I can reveal just what that second stealth project was. And also just in case they couldn't figure out what the heck was in that box.

Since I was told her color for the kitchen, as well as for the wedding, was purple I decided on hand knit placemats.

Nothing spectacular, but knit with hours of love and prayers for the newlyweds.

Th pattern is my own, a simple stockinette field, surrounded by seed stitch, knit from end to end. Simple knitting, if brainless and a bit tedious by the time #6 rolled around, it is a great project for beginners. I had wanted to knit it in a linen blend, but nothing in the right color was available at the time.

So...onward to more purple.


* The wedding picture is not my own, but on taken shamelessly from the bride's Facebook page. Please don't sue!


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