Friday, July 24, 2015

Lots of Purple and Gray Knitting

While I have been getting some knitting done, there hasn't been much to show for it.  I started the simple Purple Swing Cardigan on the way to my friends wedding last weekend.  I have hopes of getting some more work done on it this weekend when I head up to the Castle at Charlevoix for a fiber and crafts festival.
It is top down so the sleeves are marked and the increases for the "swing" element of the sweater have been done.  Just straight knitting till it is time to set off the sleeves.  The rows get longer as I go along, so there should be plenty of knitting to do while traveling.
Much of my "at home" knitting has been on Little Farmer's Gray Spiral Blankie.  It is growing slowly, but only by four stitches each round.
I know it looks like a clunky oversized hat or a funky bag.  But once it is off the needles, trust me, it will be a blankie. Unstretched it has about a 15 inch radius right now.
Delivered this week was yarn for a baby blankie/shawl to go with the purple swing cardigan as well as another purple cardigan I have up my sleeve.  I decided that blankie/shawl will not be entirely in purple.  And I have been working on the broken seed stitch sock, now on magic loop as well, also half purple.
I may be purpled out by summer's end.  

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