Friday, July 17, 2015

Never Not Knitting

Well almost anyway. As I move beyond the stealth projects I continue on with new ones and old ones, my basic home project is the Grey Spiral Blankie for Little Farmer. For the most part it is very easy, but there is the eyelet part once every 8 sections.

And I started a sweater for the upcoming Grand Niece. Tell her not to worry that it is only lilac colored. I also have some eggplant colored yarn for at least one more.

I am debating about starting another sweater that is simpler for traveling knitting. I have a couple road trips coming this weekend and next. (Wedding and a fiber festival at either ends of the peninsula.) I think small and non-lacy would be just the ticket. I have enough eggplant yarn for that too. Hmmmm. I'll be back in a minute or two.


Well, I fell in the startitis hole again. While I was gone, this jumped on my needles.

I wonder how that happened? (Tee hee.)

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