Monday, July 13, 2015

Stealthy Knitting Over and Done

Sort of anyway. I finished Stealth Project #2 this past weekend. I cannot share it here for some time yet. But as I keep saying, all will be revealed, in the fullness of time.

With the stealthy knitting finished, I turned my hands and mind back to some of my waiting projects. I got out a long size one needle and transferred the stitches of my broken seed stitch sock to it from the double points. I worked a few rounds to make sure I could still work magic loop. I think the 47 inch length will be a bit long, but workable.

I worked some on the last piece of my oatmeal vest. I may let that sit awhile, till fall. Bulky wool is hard to deal with in summer, even with air conditioning.

I whacked a few rows off on my rose cream shawl. It is growing slowly, but is a good easy pattern for traveling. It will see some action. Tonight I will work some on Little Farmer's Gray Blankie. It needs to mostly remain a "stay at home" project. But tomorrow my mind will be turning to purple baby sweaters. Between the sweaters and the socks shown above and what not, I think this will be the summer of purple.

This washable wool arrived last week. And according to the wishes of my future grand niece, it will be a cardigan.

Then I took a trip to the local yarn shop. And came home with a new baby book. And more yarn. (So much for my recent good intentions using stash yarn.) And another pattern added to my to-do list.

Different shade of purple, but still a nice washable yarn. I also have plans for something else with purple accents. Now, which shall I start first?

Yup, summer of purple.

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