Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shopping in My Closet

I came home from church today to a cold oven. Which, of course, meant that we were not able to sit down to dinner until close to three. Forgetting to turn the oven on when you put in the roast will delay a meal. Did you know that?

With no NASCAR today, due to last night's race, I had time on my hands. I decided to carry out a plan I had been inspired with. I decided to take all or most of my long sleeve tops out of the closet and put them on a hanger in my wool room. Then I could pull out all my sleeveless tops and tanks from a tub there and maybe find room for them in the closet.

I kind of got carried away.

I'm not sure you can make out the pile of clothes on the bed, but I found quite a few to keep I the wool room. And see the other pile as tall as my bed on the floor? They didn't make the cut.

I was ruthless. Some items I hadn't seen, let alone wore for years. Maybe not even in this millennium. If the were stained or worn, out they went. If I figured they were hopelessly outdated or no longer my style, out they came from the closet. I did find several items I think I wore back around the turn of the century. Some were old favorites I thought I had tossed years ago.

I was sorry I didn't have a place to store them for the next rummage sale. But I didn't want them around to tempt me. I may purge the long sleeved items that I kept again before the sale.

And when I was done, I found more sleeveless tops, besides the ones I had stored in the wool room all winter. I ended up with a nice sized sleeveless section as well as tons of room in our tiny closet.

Yea me! It was like shopping without spending a thing.


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