Saturday, August 16, 2014

Produce Picking

I spent some time the other day rummaging in the garden.  One the barn kitties thought he would join me.
He wasn't much help.
You can see that although our garden is usually weedy by this time of year, this year it is much more so than usual. With Hubby being so tired, and sleeping away many days, the garden has been reclaimed by nature.  If you look closely at the second batch of sweet corn, you can see that there are some weeds almost taller than I am in there.
The tomatoes are starting.  I am getting a few cherry tomatoes every day.  And some even make it into the house!  So far, no large tomatoes though.  I am so hungry for a toasted whole wheat tomato and mayo sandwich.
And I am loving all the cucumbers coming off my bush cucumber vines.  I have been making lots of refrigerator pickles (1 cup each vinegar, water and sugar, and season to taste, fill container with cucumbers and try not to eat them for a day or two).
And of course the green beens.  A garden staple around here.
Although I informed Hubby, since I get stuck picking them each year, next year only one long row instead of two.  Just plant the first half and after a few weeks, plant the second.  I can't take the heat and bending over as well as I used to.  I get dizzy.
These came from just over half of the row of second planting.  I refused to pick the rest.

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