Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Baby Sweater on the Needles

I suppose that is no surprise to anyone.  And that it is a Baby Surprise Jacket for my grandbaby.
I am swatching and ready to cast on this afternoon.  I had made one Baby Surprise last summer, finishing just before that little one went directly to heaven in the first tri-mester.  That one was made with worsted weight and is rather large.
I found some perfect pearly white buttons for it the other day, but haven't put them on yet.  I figure it won't fit for at least a year anyway.   But in the meantime, this is the yarn for the one I am starting now, in sport weight.
Farmall/Case IH red and black, for the child whose father wan'ts to name him after his tractor.   I have another red skein on hold to pick up later this week.  This time it is superwash wool.  The first sweater was a good acrylic/wool blend.  Enough wool for warmth, with acrylic for washability.  
I am still working on the Sweet Pea Cardigan, although it did have a close call.  I debated frogging it and saving the yarn for something else.  The problem is the pattern that I work every 4th row.  But I am worried that the pattern will be garbled when I divide the sleeve stitches away. I may be able add or deduct a stitch at each sleeve to make up the difference.  At such a fine gauge, it shouldn't make much of a difference.   Or I could scrap the texture and do a few rows of garter and then straight stockinette.  I have about 5 more increase rows before the sleeves, so I have time to decide.  I'll save that picture for next time. 
In the wedding news, I got two dresses and a skirt that I ordered last week. Once the rush of fair week was over I looked them over and took them to a friend.  One is a petite and the perfect length.  The other is about a foot longer.  But, being sleeveless, I think I want to wear that one.  So Ellen, an experienced seamstress, is going to work her magic for me. 
Here is a picture of my favorite dress, that I lifted from the website where I ordered it (Woman Within).
That is the color too.  If it gets cool, I think my recently finished SWestie shawl will be a good topper.  

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