Sunday, August 17, 2014

Farmall Jacket

About a week ago I shared a picture of some red and black yarn I was using to start something new.  I have been alternating between the red and black sweater, and the Sweet Pea Cardigan.  I have an inch or so of stockinette on the pea green Sweet Pea Cardigan, after finishing the garter strip around the body.
Since that was a good place to leave to work on at Knit Night (in other words, brainless knitting) I turned to the red and black yarn.
I had decided on another Baby Surprise Jacket out of wool, this time Cascade 220 Superwash Sport.  The colors would be for Older Son's tractor of choice, Cash IH.  Or as I grew up calling them, Farmalls.
The Farmall Jacket is growing right along.  After swatching, shown above, (because I do swatch) I made good progress.  I am presently on making a black stripe on the sleeves and across the back.
I love the Baby Surprise Jacket.  At no time during the knitting process does it remotely resemble a sweater.  And then, once it is bound off and a couple folds, and...whoa, instantly it becomes a sweater.
Just one more week before the wedding.  I am getting excited.

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