Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Games Knitting

I have been knitting along on my SWestie Shawl.  I love the colors of the Noro and I have started the second color repeat.  I haven't weighed the skein that is left yet, but I judge that I am about half way through that skein.  After going through the stash, and laying several skeins of sock yarn with the shawl, I decided against the green as I mentioned before.  I decided on this lovely skein of Knit Picks Gloss, in Winter Night. I have two skeins, so that will give me about 850 to 900 yards total.  I think it will make a wonderful shawl.
The Winter Night isn't an exact match, but very close.  I don't like things too matchy-matchy anyway.
Now, the Winter Games.  The Olympic committee had a hissy fit before when knitters around the world celebrated the games four years ago by have Knitting Olympics. So I probably won't actually much of the real Winter Games, but I have decided to try to have my private Knitting Winter Game.
My ex-boss, but still friend, had purchased this sari silk at a fiber festival in West Branch one year.  With my enabling, of course.  I mean, after all...what are friends for?  Anyway, as the end was nearing on my job, and I was trying to cheer her and myself with talking about all the knitting time I was gaining, she asked me to knit her a shawl out of this.  Just a plain old rectangle, easy peasy.  I think the biggest problem will be the fact that my largest needles are almost the same colors as the yarn.  I will do my swatching tomorrow and then try to figure out stitch count.  I am planning on garter stitch.  I don't think any fancy stitches would show in that yarn anyway.  Just large needles to show off the yarn.
And then Friday, I can cast on and start knitting.  I better find out how long the real Olympics last so I know when I need to have this finished.
Then I can return to my shawl and continue on my Duchess of Cambridge cardigan.  I am on the second sleeve!

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sandy said...

Oh good I was afraid you were going to explain why there are so many little balls. The darn part is the little brat has a piece about 9 inches long that he and the cat Demon are enjoying.