Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's Go Racing

At long last, NASCAR is back. Not the regular season but the first race: the free-wheeling, free-for-all called the Sprint Unlimited. I am ready. My knitting is at hand and ready to go.

But the one dark spot is that for the first time since I have followed the racing, my man Mark is not here. Mark Martin has once again retired. He tried before, and that didn't take. But it seems this time that he means it. He is at least off the track. Hope he enjoys retirement. At least it was his decision.

So now, who will be my main driver to root for? I really don't know. I picked Brad Keselowski as my driver on my NASCAR app, mostly because he is from Michigan. But Tony is back, Kyle seems less intense, Jimmy is on a roll, and there is always Jr. I like all of them, and more.

Today I may have Brad, but the position of favorite driver is up for grabs. Now excuse me. The flag will drop soon.

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