Saturday, February 8, 2014

And I'm Off

The real Winter Games began competing on Thursday, so I started to knit then. Once swatching was done, and the sample approved, there was no reason to wait.

I ended up with size 13 needles, a bit outside my comfort zone. And apparently the ball I chose to start with was the one used in the bottom swatch. It knit up thicker than just the size 11 needles would account for.

it ran out after about three or four inches and the next ball wasn't so fuzzy. But I decided to add random yarn over holes every couple rows to make it more light and airy.

You can see both sections here as Lizzy models it. I will just save the thickest and fuzziest to use at the final end.

PS...You may notice that I avoid the O word when referring to the Games. The official "O" committee threatened to sue in the past when knitters used the word when they celebrated the games with knitting. So I prefer to ignore the the official group.

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