Monday, January 27, 2014

At the Hermitage

With all the snow that we have been getting here in West Michigan lately, I have become a hermit.  I was leery about even venturing to church on Sunday.  As a result I haven't left the house since last Thursday, aside from taking Lizzie out for occasional potty breaks.  But oh, while cold, it is glorious out.
Some of the drifts are getting big.  One is halfway up the basement door.  Poor little Lizzie doesn't like walking in snow deeper than her paws.   Its making the aforementioned breaks a bit difficult.
While I am home, I have been knitting.  (Yeah, I know, big surprise, huh?)  I have the first sleeve of the Duchess of Cambridge cardigan about 1/3 done.
And, after finishing my Stephen West Craftsy class, I broke down and began designing a new shawl with the Noro I showed yesterday.
I am rethinking the green Mini Mochi yarn I showed with this yarn yesterday.  I think that even though they are both singles, this Noro is more tightly spun and won't work with the green yarn.  I am contemplating some dark royal blueish sock yarn, a wool/silk blend to use instead.  I won't need it for some time, as it is to be added closer to the end of this yarn.  I'll show it once I've made up my mind.
As always the ever patient Lizzie allowed herself to be used for scale.  The swatch kept growing, and it became the beginning of the shawl.
It will be a modified triangle when finished.  The white markers on either end indicate two more increase areas.  As a result, it will be more of a crescent shape.  I think that will stay put better when being worn by more endowed folks.  And the lengthened tails will give a bit more to tie or fling over the shoulder.  While there are yarn overs in the center and each end, the additional two increase points will be a more invisible "make one" increases.  I can't want to see how it turns out.  I have written out my rough pattern.  It is very rough.  I indicate the random garter rows as being made at whatever intervals the knitter likes.  I hope it turns out all right.

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