Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crafting in Movies

While watching an old movie today, (A Majority of One with Alec Guinness as a Japanese businessman and Rosalind Russell as a Yiddish mother), I noticed Rosalind crocheting. Recently, while enjoying the 1939 version of The Women, I spotted her knitting while at the fashion show.

And of course Bette Davis was also a movie crafter. She was knitting in Now Voyager and crocheting in The Letter. And there were probably other actors and movies that I have forgotten.

I love catching glimpses of my crafts in old movies. I sometimes wonder if that was in the script or if the actresses added that bit of magic on their own. I haven't caught anyone using a spinning wheel yet though; I'll have to watch closer.

In knitting news I have joined the sleeves, and started the garter stitch placket on the Best Bud's Baby's Sweater. I should be at the dividing point soon. I hope to get to the hood by tomorrow. With a good movie tonight (Lawrence of Arabia....still part of Alec Guinness day.) and the NASCAR race tomorrow (Poconos!) I should get plenty of knitting done.

And maybe I can find time to work on my seat pads, using my humungus new hook.

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