Thursday, August 15, 2013

Progress report

I was just browsing through my Ravelry projects, where I record all my knitting for referral. And in so doing I realized that my newest project is my eighth (count them! 8!) sweater of the year. Of course only two were for me, but I am still plugging away on my Duchess of Cambridge Featherweight. So I hope to finish that this year as well.

My current new project is for the daughter of Oldest Son's girlfriend. It is in the oldest child's size of wallaby. As is usually the case when I knit for children, it is using Plymouth Encore, a washable wool blend.

I also finished the Wee Baby Socks....

And the Lil' Sparty with a Touch of Maize is also awaiting gifting with the socks.

So, with all these finished projects for the year, I am pondering which sweater for me next. I have a fair amount of stashed need to buy any. I also have sweater quantity of handspun for at least two sweaters. All the baby excitement made me lose track of my mental queue.

What to do, what to do?

And then.....I always wanted to make a Stonington Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Hmmmm. Time to knit and think.

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