Monday, August 12, 2013

Life Goes On

A lot has been going on, since my last posting. As I grieved, I also looked ahead. The knitting continued and the Best Bud's Baby's sweater is done and awaiting packaging. Or it will when I weave in the rest of the ends.

I also finished the first wee sock. Isn't it adorable. I am also almost to the heel flap on the second. That ribbing does go slow. And of course, small dog included for scale.

Last week was the local 4H fair. I was able to attend Wednesday evening and all day Thursday. I made friends with an little cutie.

And we watched the next day while his big brother's Jersey cow won Supreme Dairy Cow over a massive Holstein. Yea!

Then when I got home Friday, suddenly my movie watching ran into a hitch.

Yikes! Especially when you realize the blurry three quarters of the screen is constantly rolling. Television shopping is in my near, very near future.

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