Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WIP Wrestling Time

I was gazing over the vast collection of WIPs, (Works In Progress) the other day and I came to an epiphany.  Well a couple of them actually. 
The first was that I should probably not start any more projects for a while.  A brief glance at my Ravelry projects page shows 18 unfinished projects.  And I will not swear that everything is listed there.  Then I remembered that I do have a project that I want to cast on and finish before the end of the year.  (Baby Surprise Jacket, with yarn purchased and waiting.)
Oops.  And I wanted to knit myself a pair of Pick a Boo fingerless mitts out of the stash.
But I guess they will have to wait.  I can make my mitts my inaugural 2013 project.  And I can wait at least until mid December to start the BSJ.  It shouldn't take me very long to finish that.
The second epiphany has to do with the fact that I need more sweaters, specifically cardigans.
Not that I am going to abandon the the current Leftover Pi Shawl.  I am loving that project.  The colors are much brighter and intense than shown here.  I am on ball 5 of the black Gloss and my leftover sock yarn stash is much diminished.  I did break down, while Knit Picks was having a brief sale on black and orange yarn and bought 2 more skeins of the black plus another full skein of Stroll Hand Paint.  I am saving this to use just on the sideways garter border bind off rows.  So that gives me this ball, plus one more that I can use on the body of the shawl.  So far I have managed to knit this far, a nearly 30 inch radius without knowingly repeating colors.
While I love my shawls though, I decided that sweaters are more practical for my more casual farmmom life style.  I have been mentally going though patterns, and stash.  Luckily I should have plenty of both on hand in the wool room to keep me knitting merrily on for quite some time.

As for the shawl, with the previously mentioned 576 stitches, I have found myself on the edge of the black hole phase of knitting.  I can still feel that I am making progress, thanks to the eyelet rows, but it is now taking MUCH longer to get to each one.
The light from my phone camera doesn't make the inside look quite like a black hole, but it seems like it while knitting.
Here is hoping I can hold out and finish this soon, and then turn to the Red Rover Shrug/vest, my Duchess of Cambridge Featherweight, resolable socks for Hubby, Paisley shawl, and at least one or two of the other pairs of socks I have in progress.  
All by the end of the year. 
Don't hold your breath.

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