Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy October

For the fourth year, my community is celebrating fall with a Harvest Festival.  There will be footlong hotdogs available in the city park.  A parade down Main Street with hay wagons full of people throwing candy and with huge pieces of farm machinery.  One year the combine with its corn head barely made it between some cars foolishly parked along  Main.
And, of course, we have hay sculptures.  There are hay bale spiders, a  bride, cornucopia, lumberjack, hair dryer and more.  All made of hay bales.  One of my favorites is a big John Deere tractor at the fairgrounds, complete with a very real looking driver.  But I think my favorite is the bi-polar combine at the co-op.  One side is John Deere green and yellow, while the other, shown below, is International Harvester red and black.
I think they were trying to be politically correct, not taking sides on that highly charged question of which is better.
I won't say which I favor, but....well just look at the picture and guess.

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