Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

I guess that is me.  Below you can see the picture my the newest addition to the family.
I met him yesterday when in Muskegon.  After thinking about it all last night, I went back today after church with Lizzie, and brought him home.
At the pet rescue, they called him DaVinci.  But I wanted an L name, to go with Lizzie.  So meet Leonardo DaVinci.  Or maybe Louie DeVinci.  I do like the ring of that better.  But either way, he thinks he has been appointed emperor of the house.
Officially though, he is a 3 month old flame point Siamese.  He is creamy white, with light yellow tail and ears, ice blue eyes and a buzz-saw of a purr.  And he loves to play and torment Lizzie. 

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