Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Offically Open

 At long last, we had the Grand Opening/Open House at my place of work yesterday.  From the starting of the Open House until a while after the Ribbon Cutting, we were packed.  Even after the main crush of people thinned out, we had people coming until closing.
 We had much more food than this.  Once it all came in, you could hardly see the table cloth!  And there was another table of cookies up by my desk.  I tried to avoid that one though. 
 A great contingent from my church were here, as well as family members from both my family and Sandy's family.  She is my fearless leader, boss lady, and partner in crime.  
 We had a lot of positive feedback, and a lot of people came who had not been here before. 
I think we all went home and to bed, happy and excited.
Thanks, boss lady for the job.  We are going to take Fremont by storm.

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