Friday, April 6, 2012

The New Phone

I love blogging.  But many times it is difficult to find time to crank up the old laptop, plug into the dial-up connection and go online to blog. 
As a result, many of my posts were posted from my telephone.  I loved my android smartphone.  Once I learned to (mostly) avoid ”fat finger syndrome” it was wonderful.
Lately though, my Hero had started to suddenly re-boot.  So, since I had qualified for an upgrade a couple days ago, I decided to upgrade.  My old phone  was pre-4G, nearly 2 years old. 
My new one is 4G, even though the service around here isn't usually that powerful.  Even more high tech than the old phone, I find myself back in the learning curve as I adjust the settings on it.
Case in point: while texting my son, while I was typing English, it was coming out Spanish.  (Huh?)  Confusing to say the least.
So.....if you see some typos, weird auto-correct words I miss, or the occasional Hispanic touch, just blame the phone, ok?

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oak haven alpacas said...

Funny Linda, we are opposite. In regards to dial-up we finally got a verizon hot spot, so I have wi-fi at home. I can blog easily on my laptop (oh and work from home too :) ). But I still don't have my own cell phone (just a work cell and that's not a smart phone). Living in the country sure gives us a bunch of choices but none perfect.