Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Me and Momma

Hi. I'm Lizzie Belle. I'm Momma's favorite girl dog. I came to live with her last fall, after my brother Gilbert (AKA the foofoo farm dog) went to heaven.
I just got my hair cut last week, that's why I don't look like a lot of shih tzu's you see around. But Momma calls this my summer cut.
I happen to think I look rather dapper. Dignified. Of course before I got trimmed, I was pretty good looking too.
That's me, the sophisticated, quiet, ultimate companion.
Hey, what did that cat call me? Just who does he think he is?
Sigh. Its hard work being suave and cuddly at the same time. But maybe I'll find time to make an appearance back here, if Momma decides I can blog for her again.


fssw said...

How adorable

Sheba said...

Either Dizzy Lizzy has been drinking or really pissed at you for cutting her hair! Don't close your eyes at night she knows where you sleep.