Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Fooling!

I had an epiphany yesterday.
I listened to Yvonne at spin guild last week talk about how she wanted a new hobby. She wanted to take up a new hobby. Her mind was running to dying fiber and yarn.
It got me thinking. I have been knitting and spinning for several years. I have quite a stash built up. Stash to the point that if I bought nothing else, I could probably knit for years. I know for sure I have enough for at least 7 sweaters for me. Not counting the sock yarn (Let's not even think about counting the sock yarn.) Or the unspun wool waiting to be turned into yarn.
But what if I took up a new hobby?
And that is when I decided......I'll learn how to milk cows.
Not only will I learn a new hobby. It would be a useful trade. I could even perhaps get paid for that. I would be able to enjoy the winter weather. And in the heat of summer, well the room with the bulk tank is cool at least.
And I love animals. And I should have enough bulk in my ample body to body slam any cow that is going the wrong way.
What do you think? Give up knitting and learn to milk cows.
Or maybe not.
After all, Evelyn's Misty Blue Cardi is only partly done: first front (shown below) and back done. Right front and both sleeves still need to be done.
And then there is Torri's shawl. And a baby sweater. And my Duchess of Cambridge cardigan to finish. And my Gansey sweater.
Maybe I better keep knitting. No fooling....

(April Fool! As though you didn't see that coming.)


oak haven alpacas said...


I'm jealous you have so much yarn! I can't keep up with spinning, I'm always behind. THere's never yarn to be knit cause my husband steals it *pout* :)


Linda said...

A lot is store-bought. I went thru 2 close out sales @ the store in Fremont and several sales at evelyns.
Plus my hubby doesn't knit!