Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ruffly Joy

Progress has been slow on my ruffle mesh scarf.  But I have a fair excuse. 
Both fronts of Evelyn's Misty Cardi are finished.  (I will pause while the cheers die down.). The first sleeve has been started and the end is in sight.  I briefly toyed with knitting in the round, but in the end opted to knit them as written.  Sorry Evelyn, that means two more seams.
However, while the scarf is growing slowly, I think I will enjoy it.  I have discovered you must knit carefully, and treat the project with respect.  Right off the bat, when taking a photo last week, the needles just slid out. 
Yikes!  After that I used point protectors, and usually tied the ends of the needles for extra protection.
Here is a recent picture of my scarf.  Twelve pound dog included strictly for scale.  Well for scale, and because Lizzie wouldn't move so I could stretch it out.

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