Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is Spring in Michigan

Long time readers and friends may know I like snow.  Ok, I really like snow.  But what I don't like is ice.  Right now we are in the tail end of an over 24 hour Winter Storm Warning.  
Not much snow, but lots of sleet and ice.  Lake Hagen is a little fuller.  And yes, the geese aren't in this picture but I saw them again, walking on the ice this afternoon.  There have been as many as eight out there.
But as as said, ICE!!
This picture and the preceding one were taken first thing in the morning.  It wasn't fully daylight yet.  (Did I mention earlier that I hate this stupid time change?   Don't like dark mornings at 8:00am.  But my plant hanger was fully encrusted with ice.
And I had to break through an inch of ice just to open our trash dumpster.  
I didn't go into work until afternoon, but it was still white knuckle driving, with power poles down, and slick roads.
Give me snow anyday. 
Oh, wait, its spring.  Oh well.

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