Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Ice Pictures

When I went to work this morning, with the sun shining on the ice, everything was sparkling and bright.  But even so, the ice was nothing compared to what we have at home. 
Want proof?
I call this one, Sunrise Over the Hayfield, March edition.  The white you see there is mostly ice on the hay stubble. 
Here is a much sunnier picture of the ice on the plant hanger.  Look how thick that is!  And it is just as thick tonight.
And as you can barely see on the far side of Lake Hagen, the geese are still there.  And those trees in the background?  Covered with ice as well. 
I tried to get a picture of Gilbert the wonder dog as he galloped around on the icy grass.  His little feet kept sliding out from under him.  He was so cute.
Mom, do you have to tell all my secrets?

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