Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Comes to Lake Hagen

Spring is in the air.  Snow is mostly gone.  The garden is a patch of mud.  The driveway is a bit soft and gooshy.
But out in the pasture.....
The geese have come to Lake Hagen.
If you look close not only is there one standing, but behind a little clump of grass is another one trying to swim.  Not sure if that one is trying to nest or injured or what. 
They did go to the other end of the pasture when Hubby and I were working on the chicken coop door making a lot of noise.  But before long, after we finished and left the coop alone, they were back.
Usually every spring we get a pair that hang out for a few days, and then, after Lake Hagen becomes dry pasture, they move on.  These have been here for several days already, so we'll see how long they stay

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