Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Growing A Gansey

My gansey cardigan has been coming along with leaps and bounds.  Even if I have only finished half of the pattern repeats.  Except of course for the baby cables of course.  I have at least 3 of them in each row. 
The garter stitch border that is above the initials and plain area show here, but the rest of texture doesn't really show well in the pictures.  The first 5 stitches on the right make up the seed stitch border.  The next is the section with a heart outlined, followed by the 4 stitch baby cable, and the next section is sort of a pine tree or arrow pattern, followed again by another baby cable.  If you look below each section under the sets of markers you may be able to make out the pattern. Unfortunately, like I said, the pictures do not show off the texture well.
And, a lesson learned, the fuzziness of the Lambs Pride does not show the gansey textures to its best advantage either.  Perhaps, much as I like the Lambs Pride with its single ply, mohair mix, a better choice for the gansey would have been Nature Spun, I think. 
But, if I mess up, I guess it won't show as much.  Always a bright side.

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