Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Thing My Light is Bright

It is a well known maxim among knitters, and probably crocheters, that knitting at night with dark yarn is the pits.  Lights just are not bright enough to bring out the depth in knitting black yarn.  The eye strain is bad, especially when you consider that most of my knitting is done at night.
So why then do my projects consist of the following.
My dark blue gansey cardigan.  Not black, but dark nonetheless.

My almost black Shrieks in the Night mobius.

My Featherweight Cardigan.  Light and lovely yarn, but still dark blue.

Even my blue and brown mini mochi socks are mostly dark. 
And of course those recently completed Cruise socks were dark too. 
Luckily my favorite knitting spot is my rocker next to the file cabinet that has a three-way lamp.  And those bright three-way curly bulbs don't even get hot!

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