Saturday, December 18, 2010

Warping and Weaving

I mentioned last week that I spent most of the day last Friday warping my loom, with the help of Evelyn at the Old Farm Girl.  My loom, a 24 inch Kromski Rigid Heddle Harp loom, and the yarn before the festivities began. 
 The yarn is fingering weight Nature Spun, in Victorian Pink, a lavendar, and Regal Purple. 
 We calculated on a balanced pattern dividing each pink and lavendar band with 10 ends of purple.  The lavendar we then set off on each side with an additional 2 pink ends.   I will not go into the mess and fuss involved with preparing the warp threads.  The patterning made it take just a bit more the the couple hours that was predicted.
 When I used my Knitters Loom, I never tied the back end of the loom.  But Evelyn had done it that way before, so that is what we did.  And eventually all was set for weaving.
After getting the loom home, I sarted the weaving.  I didn't want to do too much until I got my camera back. (YEA!!   I have it!) But this is after about 13 inches.  I am beating it tight and the plaid effect seems to be showing up quite well.  Once the ends are trimmed, and the weaving is done, I think I will have a handsome shawl.

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