Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Recent Knitting

Finally, a good picture of my boss with his scarf.  We got scarf and camera together at the same time.  He has been enjoying it when it was supercold last week.
 I have been working on some Purple Stuffed mittens for Linda in exchange for a couple belts she will be weaving for me on her inkle loom.  The purple is the same as the purple on my loom, much darker and richer than shown below.  The thrumms are a medium lavender, rolled from regular roving to knit along with the yarn every 4th row.  It forms a loft and warm insulating layer inside the mittens.
 The above is the view into the mitten, below is the side view of the mitten. 
 And rapidly nearing completion is the Neighborhoodie.  I have the zipper bands and one sleeve edging to go, then sew in the zipper.  Which I forgot to buy last weekend. 
This weekend does not seem to hold a lot of free time. 

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