Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Idea

 I mentioned my idea, concerning all my projects I have committed too, as well as those I have started already.  I mentioned a project in my last post that I have recently started. 
I have 6 skeins of victorian pink Lambs Pride--one of my favorite fibers and colors.
The picture previously, as well as below is just a hint of what I have started.  More hints--it is for me. It is wearable, and knit in 2 identical halves.  Entirely garter stitch.  I'll tell more later.
Very mysterious garment.
Anyway--back to the plan.  I have been reading all year about the Yarn Harlot's self imposed sock club.  She went stash diving a year ago, and matched yarn with patterns she always wanted to knit, putting each set into a ziplock baggie.  And every month she grabbed another bag, at random and finished a new pair each month. 
I liked the idea of a knitting club based on current stash.  I wanted to do something similar.  My plan is slightly different.  I want to give myself 2 months max to finish a WIP (work in progress) already on the needles.  Since I plan on starting the club on New Year's Day, I figured it was fine to begin the above project.  And maybe even another one or two, by Friday.
This will be in addition to the two projects I have promised for Flo and Betty, but I look forward to finishing some of these additional projects I have waiting in the background.
And at least I finished the Neighborhoodie yesterday.  Zipper and all!  Just no pictures yet.

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