Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ideas for WIP Club

Possible projects for the WIP club I mentioned in the previous post
  1. Linda's purple mittens--I need to finishe those soon anyway.
  2. Pink mystery project (to be named later.)
  3. Bigfoot Shaw, started in about 2008, and hardly touched recently
  4. Even older, a black mohair shawl, from a class I took with Marla Mutch several years ago.
  5. Reading Shawl, started this past year.
  6. Featherweight sweater.
  7. Silver Shrieks in the Night mobeius.
  8. A really old feather and fan in the round, started maybe 5 years ago out of sock yarn?
  9. Another lace weight shawl in a feather and fan pattern, that is also way before Ravelry.  I may just find and frog that one.  Its a made up design anyway.
Gosh, that's more than enough, at 2 months each, for an entire year!  And I haven't even scratched the surface.  There are 3 pairs of socks, only one with the first sock done.  One of them is a charted toe up pair. There is another pair of sock that I have to reknit from the ankle down.  Also my Burly yarn vest that I am frogging back about 4 or 5 inches, and then re-finishing.  Not to mention the recently purchased alpaca destined for a sweater, and more Lambs Pride for another sweater.  And if I dig, I could probably come up with at least one other shawl in progress, and other projects ready to go.
I have no right to even be thinking of starting anything else.  And yet......
We'll see.

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