Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes to All

A low key Christmas going on at the home of farmmom and company. With only part-time wages, we are light on presents, but there is at least something for all my guys.
Unfortunately, none of my guys really want or appretiate hand knits. Frustrating to be sure, but there is more for myself that way. And I can take time for a couple custom projects.
On the docket is a tunic for friend Flo's granddaughter. Flo has cancer and is unable to knit right now, and this is a project she promised her granddaughter.
I also promised to knit a jacket for a friend. She dyes fiber, and this is an alpaca silk blend I think. Since I can't afford enough of it to make a sweater for me, this is a chance to at least use this yummy fiber.
Of course I like some variety in my knitting. But I am chewing on an idea to provide that.
More on that in a few days.
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