Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tour de Fleece Progress.

I can't manage to post pictures on Ravelry, so I will post my Spinning progress here.
This is the Spunky Club November 2008 that I finished spinning on Saturday and Sunday. The bobbin standing up was spun last year and the one lying down is the one I spun this past weekend.
At our Independence Day Spin Guild Spin and Munch day Monday, I plied these skeins from two big bobbins of my Liesister I got last year at the Allegan Fiber Festival.
Tuesday, after I came home from Knit Night, I plied all but a bit left on on bobbin of the Leisister. With the 2 large skeins I spun previously I have a good bit of it.
Here is the bit I had left over. I wrapped it on my plying tool and spun that today, along with the two bobbins at the top of the post.
So this is what I plied today. Next, I dug out a bag of roving that I had processed a couple years ago. I had some brown shetland, and a friend (Thanks Katie!) gave me a lambs fleece she bought at the fair. It is layered, white and brown side by side. Should be nice spun up. I have 2 and a half pounds, so since I want to spin another 28 ounces (2 lbs total) as well as ply everything, I will have plenty to keep me busy.
I may not update this daily with pictutes, but I will show pictures eventually of what I am doing.
And oh yes, I still have the shoulder shawl border. Still plugging away.

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