Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spin In Update

I managed to ply about 8 ounces, most of it into one humungus skein. I have 2 more bobbins of my white Leicester (Border, English, Blue-Face) to finish and back to more spinning at home. I want to get at least two pounds spun during the challenge, not counting the plying. Four ounces of my Spunky Club done, in addition to the previously mentioned plying. Not bad.
I didn't get pictures of my plying because I was busy snapping pictures of people and food. (Will post them later.) We had a great turn out for our Spin Guild Holiday Edition. Several Monday workers made it and most of our regulars. Mary can be forgiven for not bringing baby pictures, as she spent the previous night sleeping in a Colorado airport, trying to get home.
We even got to tour the Old Farm Girl's store. Got to see the new wheels she has in--the Louet Victoria is so CUTE! Also found a book I had been meaning to get for some time. And ditto on some purple Corridale roving.
Now I can't wait for my loom--I have some funky fibers just waiting for a try-out.

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