Monday, July 26, 2010

End of the Tour

How did I do? Well, let this picture tell you.
And no, I'm not quite sure how that happened. I was winding away in my skeinwinder and all of a sudden I had this mess and I have no idea how. I did finally have to cut off the batch already wound, and spent the next couple hours untangling this.
So---While I did ply everything on bobbins that I had at the beginning of the tour, and I spun an extra 4 ounces of hand-paint and at least another 28 ounces of the brown/white blend for the two pound total. But, I still had 3 bobbins left to ply when this happened.
Close but no cigar.
So here is the brown/white. There is a bit left I can spin, and there are 3 bobbins in the back needing plied.
And here is the Tour total. The shiny white is what I plied, along with the pink/green in the foreground, after spinning half of that. And the brown/white. Notice the handwound ball in the front of the brown/white? That was what I had to untangle. And there was nearly a full bobbin of my Lorna's Lace Red Rover, that is tucked away in my Joy for guild tomorrow. That was also spun during the tour.
Now that the spinning bug has bit, I hope to finish up that bag of brown white and maybe make a vest or sweater.

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