Monday, July 19, 2010

Knitting, Spinning and Heat

I know my last few post have been heavy on the spinning, with the Tour de Fleece. But I have been knitting here and there as well. The Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl edging is coming along, and I am almost to the point, probably 5 or 6 repeats away at the most.

I also have 5 brown/white bobbins, and with the Spunky club bobbin, that gives me a total of 6. A little over 2 more bobbins should put me over the top. Especially since I am not counting the bobbin of Lorna's Lace that will be over half done since the Tour by end of Guild tomorrow in that total.
As that isn't enough to keep me busy, the beans are ripe. Thats them, above between the 7 + foot corn and the sweet potatoes, with all the quack grass. With the heat and humidity it has been terrible trying to pick. At least this year, Hubby is coming out to pick them with me. We have picked them twice so far. Ugh! Each time we got a little more than two ice cream buckets full.
I hate the pickin'. Love the eatin' though.

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