Monday, July 5, 2010

Spin and Spin Again

The Tour de Fleece is on and running.
I believe this is my third running of this challenge. The first two times I spun and plied pile of shetland. THis year I will be plying already spun fiber, as well as finishing 2 bobbins of some Spunky Clup shetland, and some icelanding. I have the first bobbin of each that have been done for at least a year, and have finished the second bobbin of the shetland over my Saturday and Sunday sprints.
Luckily, today Spin Guild is having a holiday session--4 hours instead of just 2, and hopefully some of our members who can't usually come will be able to make it. I am considering bringing my Louet wheel for a change and all the full bobbins and plying up a storm.
I also need to consider what I start next for my home spinning, for the rest of the Tour.
I do have several bags that would go well with the shetland for when I start the sweater with that. I have great plans for an entirely handspun sweater. So far I have very light grey, medium gray and a couple skeins of black shetland.

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