Monday, July 12, 2010

TDF Thru Sunday July 11

The spinning juices are flowing.
After the plying I showed that I finished last week, I dug out a bag of roving that has been calling my name.

I plopped it on the scale and determined I had about 2 and a half pounds or so. It is a blend of brown shetland surrounded with white lambs wool that was given to me by a friend after she bought it at the 4H fair a couple years ago.
I rather like the way it spins up. It has a tweedy appearance.
Some areas have more white than others, but I think once this is plied it will be splendid.
Since I started this bag on Thursday, I have spun 2 full bobbins and almost another. Of course tomorrow at Spin Guild I will be back to spinning Red Rover. I don't want to spin it on 2 different wheels, so it will match better.
In the meantime, here is the bobbin I finished Sunday, and the one I started. These are all being spun on my Ashford Traditional and will be plied on the Louet.

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