Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

Anyone remember the old Morton Salt girl, walking in the rain under the umbrella, with the salt still freely pouring from the canister? 
Well, at times her slogan seems to fit our family. 
As you probably know, Hubby was let got from his job back in 2006, and was never able to find a job.  Since he is totally computer illiterate and since even general labor factory jobs require a computer test, he finally gave up and went on unemployment.
My full time job once gain moved out of state. That's the third time that happened to me, and Hubby had it several times as well--the state of Michigan jobs for sure. 
The best and only job I have been able to find is a 15 hour a week job, funded by a grant.  Not the most stable, as my 3 months off this summer proved.  I love the work, but not really enough hours or money to live on.
And now Younger Son who moved back home this summer, has lost his job.  Granted he only was working part time, but usually 7 days a week, on a 4 hour shift milking cows.  With the price of milk, they were laying off several of their milkers.  So now he has to job hunt again.  Hopefully, some area farmer may be needing someone, even if this isn't planting time, they are all working great guns to pick corn and soybeans.
Anyone know of a way to find (and keep) work in Michigan?
I'm sure glad the farm is paid for, if only they don't tax it away from us.

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