Monday, November 30, 2009

Apples Galore

My Aunt Glenna--the crazy one, lives surrounded by fruit orchards. This year, because of a bumper crop the owners have run out of storage crates and even room in their cold storage buildings. As a result, the owners told my aunt and her family to help them selves to what is left.

She has been telling everyone at "Dinner with the Aunts" (a weekly lunch with my last 2 remaining aunts, a couple cousins and another friend of the family) to come down and get some apples. So a week ago, I and Gilbert the wonder dog trekked down to see her and pick apples.
I had planned on filling one of those $1 reusable bags you get at Wal-Mart with some yellow delicious for pies and applesauce. However, Aunt Glenna didn't know when to stop, and she didn't listen when I told her I had enough. I had an almost full bag, and she had a generously full bag. Sigh.
Then she asked if I wanted to visit my cousin Judy because she had red delicious and Ida reds across from her house and they weren't going to be picked either. So off we went and ended up with a bag of each of those. Probably 2 bushels of apples all together.
When I got home, Hubby thought it quite funny that I ended up with so many apples. I told him that Aunt Glenna didn't know when to quit, even when I told her too.
But, we have had 2 pies and 2 batches of applesauce so far. Yum.

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