Saturday, November 14, 2009

Knitting Knews

Knitting has been progressing during my week. I mentioned that I got a lot of knitting done last Saturday at the genealogy seminar. I had gotten to the purple on the ribbing when I had switched these to the double point needles from the 9 inch circular. (Side note--what kind of fiendish mind came up with 9 inch circs, with toothpicks for the needle part? Sadistic!)

Anway, I got lots of knitting done enroute, as Sandy usually prefers to drive, and I usually prefer to ride if given the option. And during the talk itself, I also knit lots. I always find I can concentrate on a speaker better with simple knitting going on. It also helps me keep my mouth shut. And i even managed to start the heel flap by the end of the day.
Earlier last week, I had also dug out my red Icelandic handspun, as well as some creamy alpaca handspun. I had been thinking about making Elizabeth Zimmermann's Very Warm Hat. I cast on and started, with the intention of taking this to the seminar, but decided the sock, being more compact, made better sense.
However, on Monday, not being quite so concerned with room, as we were taking a 12 passenger van, I opted for the hat, as well as my Pi Are Squared Shawl for travel knitting. I worked on both and was just starting the color work when we left. by Wednesday, I had started on the lining.

I am still undecided if I want color work on the lining. I had planned on it, but think that I would rather have less bulk there.

And there has been work on the sweater fronts as well. I have started the front decreases for the v-neck and have about 50 or so rows before I can start the sleeves.
Maybe I can be done by Christmas, depending on how distracted with the other projects.
I hope to go back to the February Pink Lady when this is done. Then I want to finish the Lady Eleanor entralac shawl. That has lanquished for a couple years I think and it is time to finish.

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