Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Racing Against Fate

While I haven't mentioned it lately, I have still been tuned in and on the edge of my seat every week, watching my NASCAR Sprint races. 
While "my man Mark" remains in second place, he is steadily losing ground to the annointed one--Jimmy Johnson.  Now I do like Jimmy, he is also a nice guy, just like Mark.  But he doesn't have the pizazz of some of the other drivers.
But what can a guy do when even the fates seem lined up for Jimmy?
After hanging out near the end of the race all day, through the mysteries of pit stops, running out of gas, and "moving up" all of a sudden, there was Jimmy nearing the front.  And when the wreck happened on the last lap?   It occured just BEHIND Jimmy, and right in FRONT of Mark.
I ask ya, what's a driver or fan to do?  

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