Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Knitting Trials

It was a good thing I did not have my camera at Knit Nite last night. It may not have survived. So obviously, there are no pictures of my tribulations.

I was working along on the two fronts of the Old Jeans Cardigan. I brought socks, as back up knitting--just in case cables and friends didn't mix. But, securely resting in the confidence of a cocky, oops, I mean knowledgeable "Knitter" I went on.

The first sign of trouble was when I discovered that I had carried the left front yarn over to knit the right front over and back. Drat. Tinked that back. Then as I started knitting on, I again reviewed the last cables that I had done just after arrival.

Wait a minute. Is that cable in front, when it should be cabled in back? A moment of silence. Then the bright idea arose. I have seen other blogs where the Knitter just drops the stitches involved in the cable and then knits them back up.

Sounds good, although scary in theory. Not so brilliant in practice. I dropped the 8 stitches down, first taking a spare needle and picking up the cable stitches with that to avoid dropping too far back.

I managed to knit half of the cable and decided it wasn't going to work after I used the wrong loop of yarn to knit the other half. I didn't want rip that far back, so.......I ended up tinking back about 4 rows. Luckily the left half stayed as is, and I was able to just tink back the one side--stitch by stitch until I was back to the cable. And, luckily, the cable stitches were still waiting on the spare needle.

I knit, cabled, and knit onward. After arriving home I even managed to advance both left and right sides to the next cable. I am now about half way to the arm decreases/neckline on the fronts.

Maybe I will rethink the idea of cabling the sleeves.

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