Friday, November 13, 2009

Road Trip--Frankenmuth

Since I am still playing catch-up on my week, I better mention the road trip the Spin Guild took Monday.
We had planned to take a trip to Frankenmuth nearly a year ago, especially when the group learned I had never been there. Frankenmuth is home to a Bavarian themed downtown, with the best home-style chicken dinners, fudge shops, a huge year round Christmas store and Zeilinger Wool Co. Several of our guild members have taken fleeces there to be processed into roving. I have both sent some and dropped off others at their booth at the Michigan Fiber Festival.

A couple of our members had to withdraw at the last minute, so we were a smaller crowd than we had planned originally. But a great time was had by all.
We at chicken dinner, and Dawn, who lived near by joined in for our day of fun. We wandered the downtown area, as well as Michigan's biggest bead company. I found baskets in one of the stores like the one I looked in vain for at the West Branch festival. One came home with me.

When we discovered we only had an hour left before the wool mill closed, we scurried over there and delivered our bundles. I had 2 bags of llama fleece, thanks to Meeko and Tillie, as well as a bag of alpaca fleece in a charcoal color. Kelly dropped of some fiber of her's that needed de-hairing. We went into the shop area and paid for processing and then, after deciding we were all pooped, decided to head for home, instead of going to the Christmas store. We were so busy and had such a good time, that I even forgot to bring my camera with me. Hence the pictureless post.

I guess, when my fleece is done in 3 months, we may just have to go back. And maybe hit the Christmas store then.

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