Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Weekend in the Frog Pond

That was me this weekend. Instead of working on the MaidenShawl and the Pink Lady sweater, I spend it working on, and frogging socks. Well, not all was ripped out, I did finish the Peony socks. S0000 comfy!
Remember the pink cable socks started way back in October? I was making baby cables once, and ripped them out and restarted with a yarn over cable. Looked nice, but were too tight. I perservered however and turned the heel this weekend. A few rows later, I tried them on. Yup, gut feelings were right--too tight. So "rip-it" back to the begging. Here is the skein with the excess wound back around it. Lots of yarn.
But I found another pattern--cross stitch cable from Sensational Socks. I already have over 4 inches done--picture of that will follow.
Then I started some gray chevron pattern with some Lion Brand Sock-Ease. I like the zig zag that is developing. Of course before I landed that pattern, I had about 3 inches of another zig-zag pattern that was to tight a gauge. So that too was frogged away and restarted, as snown on this ball with the winded up yarn.
What else was going on this weekend, besides the cursed time change? Rain. Here is a current picture of our pasture again. Lake Hagen. Luckily it drains much more quickly with our current neighbor. The previous owner blocked the drainage tubes and the water hung all all spring to early summer.

Rain, Rain, go AWAY!!

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