Friday, March 6, 2009

Time But No Time

With my supervisor out of work for a while (She is laid up with a very severe sprained ankle, along with a chipped bone and hairline fracture.) I have been getting in more hours. As a result, while the pay check may be bigger, the completed knitting is less.
I haven't had time alone to work on Maidenshawl, so it is still languishing at the end of the seed stitch section, waiting for me to start the first patterned section.
I managed to start the sleeve on the February Pink Lady at Knit Nite last Tuesday, but only because I got to the end of the skein on the body, so decided to start the sleeves before the project got too heavy.
I finally started the heel flap on the second Peony Sock at lunch today. I had about an inch past the ribbing and ripped it all out. I decided the colors were sort of muddy, so I rewound to the other end of the ball, and am betting better color transitions, with some brightness on the leg. I don't care if the toes are muddy. Maybe I can even finish these by Monday. I don't go back to work now till next Tuesday, so may be able to find time to get them done, as well as some on the others. I can usually get some serious knitting done during the races on TV.

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